Which Superhero are You?

Look like you?

Lawyers are basically just superheroes don’t you know?  Your clients might disagree (and so may your colleagues) but inside you know you’re pretty awesome.

The only real question to ask is: which one are you?

To the fellow nerds out there – clearly I’ve focused here on only some types of superhero (X-Men haven’t got a look in today – sorry).  If you feel passionately that there are valid superheroes that I’ve forgotten please leave a comment and tell me why they belong in this list.


Stoic.  Tough.  Square of jaw and small of talk.  Batman knows what’s he’s about and doesn’t mind hanging around in a damp cave with blood sucking winged creatures, which frankly is a lot like many legal offices.

He doesn’t pull his punches and uses technology to best advantage.

Also – he’s massively wealthy.

Ignore the wealthy part – does this sound like you?

Wonder Woman

Let’s be clear – wonder woman is pretty awesome.

Ignoring her baffling ability to disregard the effects of gravity on her body, wonder woman also has the fantastic talent of extracting the truth from anybody she meets.

Based on a warrior princess from the Amazon, Wonder Woman has no problem using her accessories (a flingable tiara and indestructible bracelets) to best advantage.  Mimco might not have caught up with Wonder Woman tech yet, but if you have a tough attitude, a semi-secret identity and the ability to see the truth – then perhaps Wonder Woman is your lady.


Do you get a tingling feeling down your spine when something bad is going to happen?

Sure, Han Solo frequently “had a bad feeling about this” but that doesn’t come close to spidey sense.

If you are mild mannered to the outside world but tenacious, agile and ultimately a big softy – then perhaps you’re closer to Spiderman than you thought?

Black Widow

This is the first time Scarlett Johansson has appeared on this site

Let’s ignore the penchant for leather and go straight to the checkered past.  Black Widow has done lots of things she’d rather forget, but she gets up each day and wants to make a difference.

As a result she finds herself frequently in a position where she can use the skills she learned in her former life for the benefit of others.

She’s tough, she’s determined, and she’s seriously focused on getting what she wants.

Is this you?


It would be easy to suggest that superman has it all under control.  While he’s got his glasses on, he’s the mild mannered journalist and general nice guy.

Get him into some tights (undies on the outside – obviously) and he’s a different man entirely.  Faster than a speeding bullet, lasers from his eyes and hair that never seems to be out of place, Superman is the all around good guy.

The problem is kryptonite. It’s not like it bothers him – it cripples him.  He can’t function.  He ceases to be super.

Are you an otherwise fantastic lawyer with a massive, massive gap in your knowledge, skills or character?  Then perhaps you’ve got a bit of superman (although I’d stop at the outside-the-pants style undies).

Iron Man

Iron Man is all tech, all the time.

Outside he’s armor.  He’s weapons.  He’s speed.

Inside he’s a massive ego barely contained within a clever bloke who thinks of himself as misunderstood but wants to change the world.

If you’re someone who thinks highly of themselves but “suits up” before a big event so they can put on a real show with glitz, and pizzazz, then perhaps you’re just an Iron Man waiting to happen?

The Hulk

Hulk Smash.

I love the hulk.  The quietly calm Dr Banner is an intellectual giant, but not generally someone you want to upset.  Underneath the passive hairdo and the lab coat is a nightmare of epic proportions – rational thought goes out the door and collateral damage is high.  Hulk does the job but he’s not delicate about it.

What’s the Hulk’s secret?  He’s Always Angry.

Are you the calm before the storm?

Who Have I Missed?

I know you’ve got someone in mind.  Who is it?  Which superhero are you? Let me know in the comments.

Happy lawyering!