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Sunday, April 18, 2021

3 Things Lawyers Must Fix on their Linkedin Profiles

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LinkedIn Profiles for Lawyers

I wanted to talk about your LinkedIn profile and in particular, three common mistakes that lawyers make with their LinkedIn profiles.

Frankly, I’m a little amazed these keep happening but they still do and if you, as a lawyer, want to use LinkedIn to its best advantage, you have to address these without further delay.

Lawyer LinkedIn Profile Mistake #1 – No Profile Picture

This should be obvious, but apparently it’s not: having no profile picture is just silly.

I cannot believe how many people don’t have a profile picture. Get a profile picture!

Use a selfie if you have to but better yet, get someone else to take a good picture of you up against some sort of blandish background. It’s going to be better than the one of you taken at the party, swigging a thing of champagne or something like that.

You want to use a picture that will show your face so that people can recognize you, so that people can engage with you, and so that people understand who you are and what you look like. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t use a logo if it’s a personal profile.

Don’t use the blank, default nothing.

If you’re going to make connections with people, you have to actually exist. And until you have a profile pic, so far as I’m concerned, you don’t exist.

Lawyer LinkedIn Profile Mistake #2 – Wrong Headline

Major mistake number two that lawyers have using LinkedIn is in their “headline”.

Your headline is the thing that appears just under your name in a LinkedIn profile.

It is not your job description – it’s a headline.

Go to a newspaper and read the headlines, then write your LinkedIn headline. It’s that simple.

It is not a job description.

I’m going to say it again. It is not a job description.

It is a headline. Use it as a headline. Use something attention-grabbing. Use something that will allow people to understand a bit more about what value you actually provide to their lives, and target it to the kinds of people you actually want to be looking at your LinkedIn profile, and the kinds of people you want to read further and click through to the further information.

Lawyer LinkedIn Profile Mistake #3 – No Summary (or bad Summary)

And finally, mistake number three that lawyers have on their LinkedIn profiles is not having a summary.

By the way, if you have cut and paste from your firm’s website into your LinkedIn profile, then I consider that just as bad as not having a summary at all.

Have something that is personal.  Have something that tells your story.  Have something that has a few paragraphs about you and what you’re involved in in your business that you’re trying to promote on LinkedIn.

Writing a summary isn’t too complicated, you just need to put some effort in.  Just explain a little bit about yourself but don’t make it some sort of turgid, boring thing like what appears on many law firm websites.

While you’re writing something about you, you’re also writing something that might be engaging for people who are going to be reading your profile.  In particular, write it with a view to the kinds of people who you actually want to be attracting the attention of in LinkedIn.

In one sense, it’s about the reader more than it’s about you, so you need to be writing with them in mind.  It’s the same as any legal drafting, you need to write with the audience in mind.

Ask yourself:

  • Who is reading this?
  • What kind of information do they want to know?
  • What kinds of things will they find interesting?

Have a summary.

Wrapping Up the Lawyer’s LinkedIn Profile

That’s the three biggest mistakes on lawyers’ LinkedIn profiles, and I still see them every day.

They might seem simple to you, but it’s unbelievable how often people get these wrong.

  1. Have a profile pic, ideally have a head shot and a decent picture of yourself.
  2. Have a headline that makes sense that is not your job description, that actually gives people some value.
  3. And finally, have a summary that tells people about you but in particular, is written with your audience in mind. Who is it you want to be reading your LinkedIn profile? And what kind of information are they going to want to know about you?

That’s it. Get those three things right and you’ll be far advanced on many, many lawyers on LinkedIn, because we’re just not very good at this kind of stuff just yet.

Work with me, take some of the tips we have on offer here and together, we’ll start to build your LinkedIn profile up and get you connected with new people in no time.

Happy Lawyering.

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