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It’s Time for You to get Unstuck

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Look like you?
Look like you?

How many things are sitting on your “to do” list?

Lots, right?

OK now tell me this: how many of those things have been on your to do list for more than a week?  A month?  A year???

Now the last quiz, just to check you’re paying attention: how many things SHOULD be on your to do list, but just aren’t there because you know they will never get done?  Lots, right.

“I’d like to write a book one day”

“I should write more articles”

“I really should go and “do some marketing”

“Oh yeah- I’ll get to that letter shortly”

See the Stuck

Two people are on an elevator.  Suddenly the elevator comes to a lurching halt.  They are stuck.  Unable to see the simple solution to their problems, they shout, they call for help – without someone to help them, they will not go anywhere.

The above was a summary of a video from Tim Piper created in 2006 which you can see here

Despite it’s original unrelated use, it tells a broader picture.

I wonder if you’re on the elevator.  You know you’re stuck, but you are blinded to the straightforward solution of simply walking up the stairs.

Freedom – both the Problem and the Solution

As you know if you’ve taken the Essentials Course, being a well developed lawyer involves a lot of factors.’

And therein lies the issue.

There are so many options for you to choose, you don’t do any.

In a sense it’s a type of overwhelm – you get to the urgent things, because you must – but you never get to the important things.

You have a choice about 1000 things that you could do.

But some of those things involve an element of risk (more correctly, you THINK those things involve an element of risk).

  • Reaching out to a connection.
  • Shipping a new idea – risk.
  • Putting your hand up – risk.
  • Doing what you’re told – no risk.
  • Watching YouTube – no risk.
  • Devouring the latest series of Suits – no risk.

And so rather than use our freedom to change the world, we use it to hide.  We take the easy path, the one that doesn’t get us noticed, the one that society will embrace us for.

After all, if you put your hand up and someone calls on you – what if you get it wrong?

Time to Get Unstuck

The old age of doing what you’re told and “working your way up the ladder” through obedience is dead.

What you perceive is risky, has become necessary.  What you think of as safe, is now the most dangerous place to be.

Attending work, fitting in, doing your job, and going home – it’s not enough.  You won’t get there.

Sure, you’ll probably survive – you will draw a wage and feed yourself and your family.

But is that what you aspire to?  Mediocrity?

That’s a pity, because I think you were meant for more than that.

It’s time to change your thinking: it’s your turn, what are you going to do with it?

Happy Lawyering!

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