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Friday, August 14, 2020
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7 Things Lawyers Do that are Totally Immoral

I'm sure there are members of community the who think that everything lawyers do is immoral. I don't agree. However, I do think that over time...

Law and Morality – An Impossible Mix?

There's a lot of controversy going on. Some of it, of course, is fictitious controversy - more an excuse for the online crowds to vent...

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Or… We Could Just Fire You Instead

Recently I took a bit of a shot at law firms trying to pretend that their COVID-related pay cuts came with associated reduced working...

40% Pay Cut, 140% Full Time Load

It's been fascinating watching law firms react (in advance) to what they believed was going to be the horror story of COVID-19.

How to Make the Most of Your CLE

Attending any kind of continuing legal education can feel like it was largely a waste of time - even if it came with a...

Legal Careers Are Awesome

Recently I mentioned what I thought was a fairly self-evident concept: being a lawyer is actually pretty challenging. If...

Earning the Right to Speak

When I was a younger lawyer, I tended to speak my mind more often than was appropriate. Thankfully, I had (mostly) patient...
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