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Which Clients would you Serve for Free?

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Of course, the idea is preposterous. How could you possibly serve clients for free and expect to make a living?

But in reality, if you’re going to end up investing emotional labour in your legal career, then how could you consider anything except serving those clients about whom you were the most excited, the most passionate, the most invested.

Right now, no matter how senior or otherwise you are, I challenge you to list out your most desirable clients – who would you look after, day by day, if you had any choice and no budget to meet?

Next – how does that compare to your current list of clients?

Of course, as a junior lawyer, such things are a little difficult.  After all, your clients are generally provided for you, and are not of your own choosing.

But in the legal profession as you look around yourself, who do you see?  Are the most satisfied, joyous lawyers those who serve anyone who walks in the door?  Or are they those who have been selective, have identified who they want to serve and why?

The question is, of course, a leading one.

Freedom in the Law

Imagine for a moment the freedom of having the clients you want, the clients you choose, the clients you feel most passionate about.

It’s freedom.

So many lawyers feel trapped in their careers, unable to escape from the rut in which they find themselves after a short time.

And yet, with a few simple steps you can gradually work your way towards freedom in your legal career.

Once such step is to find out what you really want in terms of clients.

Are they:

  • individuals?
  • small business?
  • large business?
  • government?
  • commercial?
  • personal?
  • happy?
  • sad?
  • serious?
  • wealthy?
  • poor?

But Why do you Want those Clients?

More important than what they look like from the outside though is why.  WHY do you want the clients that you have identified.

Is it to make more money?

Make more connections?

Create a worldwide difference?

Serve more people?

Help those in need?

Expand legal services beyond their current framework?

Why do you want the clients that you want?

How will you Serve Them?

And, finally – how are you going to serve those clients with your full passion each day.  How are you going to find it in yourself to get up each day for the next 40 years and serve those clients? What is it about them that inspires you, drives you, keeps you motivated to get into the game and keep on fighting for your clients every day of every week of every month of every year?

If you can answer those questions, then you are a long step ahead of those that just let their careers happen to them.

For, once you know who your clients are and why you want them – you can start to work towards positioning yourself to get clients just like that.

But that’s a story for another day.

Today, answer me this: what does your ideal client look like?

Happy Lawyering!

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  • Interesting points. However, with it becoming increasingly common for lawyers to be required to do “pro bono” work (much of which many lawyers have done since soon after Adam was a boy), the question arises whether that obligation will not, in time, drive up price of work done for other clients.

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