Social Media Mastery with Mitch Jackson

Social Media Mastery with Mitch Jackson
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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Ever wanted to know how you as a lawyer can develop a serious, effective, social media strategy to build your network and generate more work? Here’s how. In this episode, Mitch Jackson and I take you through a comprehensive look at the state of Social Media for lawyers, and how you as a lawyer can take YOUR niche and turn it into a social media empire, generate more referrals, build relationships and become known, liked and trusted.

We’ll also discuss:

  • what social media platforms lawyers should be using
  • the state of social media in 2017
  • what to create social media content about
  • how to engage with people and use social media in your chosen industry.

Social media for lawyers is a hot topic – most lawyers by now know that they need to get into social media if they are going to succeed over the next decade.

But then – they don’t do anything. Join myself and Mitch Jackson, trial lawyer from California as we discuss the nuts and bolts of generating a social media campaign as a lawyer, and find out just how much value you can really see with such an investment.

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  • Chris- Just want to thank you for sharing me with your audience. I’m very impressed with all that you do and look forward to collaborating on multiple projects in 2017 and beyond. Thank you for your time and make each day your masterpiece! Mitch

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