Gen Y Isn’t Lazy

Gen Y Isn’t Lazy

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I’m sick and tired of people telling me how lazy, self-entitled and privileged generation Y is.

Here are the facts – we work harder, longer and faster than any generation before us.

So get off our backs.

Transcript – Generation Y Isn’t Lazy

Hey there. This is Chris. This is another episode NonBillable, where I in a couple of minutes give you a rant, answer some questions or give a bit of advice for young lawyers. NonBillable is brought to you by You can click on the link, wherever that might be appearing. Depends where you’re watching it. You can check out a few more things from there.

I wanted to have a bit of a talk about Generation Y.

Generation Y cops a bit of flack. I might be part of Generation Y. I’m not totally sure. It depends which website I read as to whether I end up part of Generation Y or not, but we seem to get paid out a little bit.

Apparently there’s a million articles about how hard we are to employ, how we have high demands and don’t want to work very hard.

Today, I wanted to say – stuff it.

Coming from a generation of lawyers a couple of generations ago who came up with the 37 and a half hour work week. Wasn’t too long ago where you could get made a partner 1 or 2 years post admission and what have we got to face today.

Generation Y lawyers face the following hurdles: Unprecedented competition. There are more lawyers per capita in most countries that ever before. There is far more competition. There is far more stress. There is far more angst about even getting a job. The cost of education has gone absolutely through the roof. Just deciding to become a lawyer, you end up with $50-100,000 in debt right off the bat as you start in on your menial salary that’s far less than most other professions pay their graduates.

The next thing you’ve got to deal with is the fact that you, as opposed to many previous generations, apparently have to be contactable all hours or every day no matter what. We’ve got phones. We’ve got remote access. In fact, most studies show, work harder and longer than any generation before us.

The reality is Generation Y flogs their guts out so next time someone tries to pay you out for being young and wanting to have everything and wanting to get paid more for not working very hard, point them towards this video.

What generation are you in? Are you a generation who loves to pay out Generation Y or are you going to share this with someone and try and garner a bit of support for Gen-Y and just how damn hard we actually work. That’s my rant for today.

This has been NonBillable. I’ll see you next time.