Focus on your Strengths, or Work on your Weaknesses?

Focus on your Strengths, or Work on your Weaknesses?

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It does come up, and the full podcast on it is here.

But still, it’s worth considering how we should approach our daily life.  Should we be capitalising on our strengths, or working to smooth out our weaknesses?

That’s what we have today in NonBillable.

Transcript – The Strengths and Weaknesses of Lawyers

It’s an interesting thing as lawyers, we’re not very well prepared to accept that there might be some things we’re not good at. My name is Chris Hargreaves, this is non billable where I spend three minutes answering some questions, offering some advice, or occasionally having a bit of a rant.

In the corner behind me just here, you can see a globe, despite the fact that I’ve got a globe in the background, I am terrible – terrible at geography. I couldn’t tell you where anything was, I barely know where Australia is, and I’m sitting here right now, I cannot tell you the states of America, I can not tell you the countries of an particular continent. I am terrible at geography.

The question comes up, should I be learning more about geography? Should I be filling up that weakness or should I be focusing on my strengths and forgetting about the thing I’m rubbish at. Well that all depends, do I need to be good at geography? Not really. Fortunately my wife if very good at geography and she can fill in the blanks when I need it. That becomes the question, if you need to be able to execute on something then, perhaps you need to work on it even if it’s a weakness of yours.

I’m not talking about necessarily things that are “Googleable”. Of course if I need to know where a country is, I can use Google. I can look up a map, I can figure out where it is, but I am talking about inherent traits, I’m talking about things that naturally know your talented adverses, things that you’re not necessarily talented at. Maybe you’re good at speaking, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re a talented communicator, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re talented writer, maybe you’re not. These things are things that are in one sense inherent, they can be worked on, they can be developed, they can be improved, but you shouldn’t necessarily be focusing too much energy and effort on that unless it is a critical skill for the execution of your job.

What’s my view, focus on your strengths, execute there, build a team around you who can fill up your weaknesses, and they can execute in those areas and between you all, you will be a strong compelling dynamic team and you will be able to bring home the bacon as it were.

This has been non billable and my name is Chris Hargreaves.  Head over to for more tips like this. I’ll see you next time.