How to Write an Advice

How to Write an Advice
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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Legal Writing is not a very sexy topic.  However, your legal career really hinges on your ability to communicate complex legal principles in a way that allows clients to understand it, and in a way that addresses their questions.

So often we fill up our legal advices with unnecessary fluff, resulting in unhappy clients who have the option of either not reading most of it (which is the most common reaction) or who have to spend their valuable time reading the whole thing.

Well – I’m happy to say that there is a better way.

In this podcast we consider:

  • why it is that we end up with long advices;
  • the components of fluff that can be removed, and why it’s not a problem to get rid of them;
  • the structure of a well prepared advice, and the critical elements of a good piece of legal writing;
  • why shorter advices are better for clients
  • how your ability to turn around an advice faster is better for your legal career and your firm’s profitability.

Happy Lawyering!