Legal Careers should Add Value

Legal Careers should Add Value
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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Your legal career is pretty important to you, and I understand that.  So the question in today’s podcast is how you go about adding value to your legal career and advance your career prospects in the process.

I raised one aspect (profit) briefly in this post recently, but here I cover a range of different options where you might look to add value.

I don’t profess to answer all the big questions of legal career advancement here, but I do raise some issues for your consideration.  What should you know in order to add value?  What things do you need to be learning, attending to, considering in order to ensure that you offer value.

To that end today we talk about:

  • understanding profit in law firms and its fundamental components of leverage, margin and productivity;
  • considering how a course of constant firm improvement and self-improvement are both critical aspects of your legal career;
  • how leadership in law firms needs to be considered as part of your legal career, in particular for junior practitioners who may not enjoy leadership in an organisational sense
  • how your interpersonal skills play a role in your ability to add value to the firm

This is really “adding value 101” for your legal career.  I’m not talking about time recording, marketing, client skills or anything else.  I’m talking about the stuff that doesn’t get talked about enough.  The skills and career aspects of adding value that relate to firm success, but don’t necessarily just involve recording more time every day.  These are the career matters that we need to be considering as part of our day to day practice and as part of our advancement strategies.