Are you using the “hope” learning method?

Are you using the “hope” learning method?
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Many young lawyers today go into the profession with no clear idea about what they can do to improve.  They rely entirely upon what I have decided to call the “hope” method.

They Hope that:

  • someone will assist them
  • they’ll get better at their job over time
  • their annual reviews will be positive and helpful
  • their partners will give useful feedback
  • they are on the right track

Does this sound familiar?  Firms encourage the hope method through ineffective CLE programs, mentoring programs and many more.

So how can you avoid the hope training method?  Let’s find out, in this podcast.

Happy lawyering!

  • Firstly, a lawyer must aware about the surrounding or things happening around him or around the world. Secondly, he must try to improve communication skills in front of mirror so that he can get the point instantly when someone talk to him. Third, prepare early from everybody this is the key point. Forth, he must must take initiative to do a task even if he don’t know how to do.

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