High Stakes, High Pressure – That’s the Game

High Stakes, High Pressure – That’s the Game
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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In the reality of legal practice, you will absolutely 100 percent guaranteed come to a period of extreme pressure.

You know the times I mean.

It is when the weight is bearing down on you from all directions.  You have a million things at work to do, a thousand priorities to juggle, your personal life is a shambles, you’re not feeling well, the firm partners are putting the thumb screws on, and your clients are making unreasonable demands.

In fact – you might describe many days like that.

So you’re going to need a few strategies to deal with it, and that’s what this podcast will give you.  It doesn’t have to be too complex, just a couple of strategic decisions you can make in response to those kinds of situations which will let you maintain your high standards of work, keep your cool, and get the job done.

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