Time Management Skills for Lawyers

Time Management Skills for Lawyers
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We have a lot of things to do as lawyers, but we are not always the best at managing what to do when.

It takes a strategic approach to properly allocate our work, and sometimes that involves some tough decision making.

In this podcast I explore the realities of time management for lawyers, and offer some strategic tips on how to go about getting it right.

In particular you need to take a look at the following areas:

  • Acknowledge that busy-ness is not positive, but rather productivity is
  • To do a to list or not to do a to do list?
  • Start saying no to as much as possible
  • How much time should you allocate a task – it’s less than what you think
  • Adopting a strategic approach to planning, but don’t go over the top
  • Don’t be a roadblock to others doing their jobs
  • Client service – it’s important to exceed expectations.

Resources in this Podcast on Time Management

Happy lawyering!