5 Marketing Essentials for Young Lawyers

5 Marketing Essentials for Young Lawyers
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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Marketing and networking is absolutely essential for young lawyers who want to excel in their careers.

However, it’s a bit of a large area – after all, what can you do as a young lawyer to expand your reach that doesn’t cost a fortune?

Well, in this podcast I look at 5 absolutely essential strategies that you can begin to implement today, without spending a dollar:

  1. Closed files – who have you already looked after?
  2. Existing files – massively servicing your clients to make them so unbelievably happy that they will bear you in mind
  3. LinkedIn Groups – join relevant groups, get to know people, expand your horizons
  4. Forums, Comments, Internet sites, magazines – wherever you read is an opportunity to get in touch an expand your network
  5. Internally in your firm – where can you make the most traction amongst your colleagues?

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