How to Craft a Persuasive Message

How to Craft a Persuasive Message
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In the last two episodes I have looked at some fundamentals of persuasion, albeit perhaps in a way that’s different to what you might have thought.

We have looked at how useful persuasion is in legal practice in episode 39, and then in episode 40 I considered some of the underlying issues that you need to tackle about your other participant in a persuasive exercise.

Today we look at the specific, practical ways to craft a persuasive message having regard to those things we’ve talked about before.

In reality there are few steps involved:

  1. Consider your topic – what is it specifically you are trying to do, and more importantly – what are you NOT trying to do?
  2. Next once you know your topic, you need to nail it – be an expert in what you’re trying to say
  3. After that you need to consider who your message is going to – who is it, what are their issues, and what are the roadblocks to your message getting through
  4. Consider making concessions – sometimes one step back is really two steps forward
  5. Finally – hit hard, and hit fast.


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