How to Be a Happy Lawyer

How to Be a Happy Lawyer
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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The word “happy” can seem a little trite, but it can be a vital missing element to legal practice in the lives of many young lawyers.

In a profession replete with stress and mental illness, having a few strategies on hand to keep you in a positive frame of mind can be extremely beneficial over the long haul.

Today I run through some of the strategies that have helped me (excluding one important one in particular that I mention but don’t go in to).

That means that exercise won’t get a look in – because I’m not much of a gym junkie, so I can’t really say that there is much benefit there (although others tell me that there is).

So we’re going to focus on:

  • Why having a positive outlook needs to come first, not in response to external events;
  • Your sphere of influence, and how failing to appreciate it can result in madness;
  • Keeping up momentum in your professional career
  • A proper and respectful appreciation of failure and risk
  • Giving back to society through philanthropy, and its value.


Happy Lawyering!