Playing to your Strengths as a Lawyer

Playing to your Strengths as a Lawyer
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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Playing to your strengths, or working on your weaknesses?  That’s the question in today’s podcast.

While I address it, I give you a little insight into my own strengths (at least, according to the test I just did) and a bit of information about why you need to do something similar, and how you need to go about adjusting your daily routine as a result.

The cliff notes version is this:

  • You have a specific skill set.  Things that you can do, but not necessarily things that you should do;
  • There are lots of things you can do that you might be OK at, but are not necessarily in your true top strengths;
  • You need to get rid of those out of your daily routine, to the extent possible;
  • So find out what your true strengths are and then work on ways to get your career in a place where you can play to those strengths.


The Gallup Strengths Finder Test 2.0

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Happy lawyering!