3 Ways Young Lawyers can Disrupt the System for the Better

3 Ways Young Lawyers can Disrupt the System for the Better
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Have you ever considered that you have been trained to specifically avoid engaging in any activity that looks to the future, rather than referring to the past?

Well you have.

In effect, the methods you have been taught in terms of finding the right legal answer, while suited to that task, are completely unsuited to any young lawyer looking not to replicate the past, but to improve upon it.

In this podcast I deal with three main areas of potential disruption – where young lawyers can start to work away at the status quo, to disrupt the system, and to make change for the better:

  1. Skills – how law is taught, how we establish our skills and how young lawyers learn
  2. Interaction – how the profession can become more open, interactive and build each other up for the betterment of the profession generally;
  3. Early Adoption – looking at ways that you, as an individual lawyer, can become an early adopter of new ways of thinking, new methods of legal practice, and new forms of technology – just because your firm does not, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it yourself.

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