6 Tricks for a more Productive Morning

6 Tricks for a more Productive Morning
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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We’d all like to have it, wouldn’t we?  That feeling of control, serenity, energy and positivity going in to each day.

Of course, the usual advice is to eat well, don’t drink too much coffee, exercise sleep right, and leap out of bed full of beans.

But that advice is for other people.  It might work (probably does) but I wanted to share a few different ideas on how you can go about getting your morning routine into the right pattern.

In today’s podcast I discuss 6 tricks that you can use to get your morning on the right track:

  1. Redeem your commute
  2. Send 1 email that you don’t have to
  3. Do one thing that is important, but not urgent
  4. Do the hard thing
  5. Take 10 minutes to map out the day
  6. Be purposefully nice to someone

Take these and run with them – you’ll be amazed how much they will help you.

Happy lawyering!