“I hate Being a Lawyer” and other lies we tell ourselves

“I hate Being a Lawyer” and other lies we tell ourselves
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Some of the most frequently Googled things which lead people to this website are phrases like “I hate being a lawyer” and “Why do lawyers hate their jobs”.

Does that disturb you?

It sure disturbs me.

It leads people to one of my articles about why lawyers hate their jobs, and so I wanted to drill down on a few more things in this podcast on the topic.

Do you Hate Being a Lawyer?

I have a feeling that this kind of sensation might creep up on you sometimes.

You have good days, and bad days.

But over time you start to question – why am I doing this?  What’s the stress actually for?  Where am I headed?  Is this all there is to my life for the next 25 years?

And those questions are perfectly legitimate.

What lies in the answers to those questions are the keys to a legal career that you will enjoy.  Further, if you can really discern your purpose and find your energy again, then you’ll not only enjoy your legal career, you will flourish.

In today’s podcast I explore some of those questions and how you can start to rebuild your love of the law.

You Don’t Really Hate Being a Lawyer

It’s true – you don’t (probably).

What you probably hate is the stuff that comes WITH being a lawyer.

Administration, meetings, mundane tasks – the things you didn’t realise you signed up for.

Perhaps you hate some of the people you work with – are they making your life a misery?

What about stress?  Are you stressed and that’s causing your loathing of every morning?

These might come WITH being a lawyer, but it’s not being a lawyer that you hate – it’s these other things.  So let’s deal with them first, and see what’s left after that.

Stop Hating your Job as a Lawyer – and Start Loving Life and Law

It can begin today.

But if you just keep thinking the way you have been, acting the way you have been, and struggling with the same things, then guess what – nothing will change.

Start by tackling those three major issues, and go from there.

Take your career back today.  And start to love the law again.

Happy Lawyering!