Goal Setting and Promotion Strategy

Goal Setting and Promotion Strategy
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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You’ve probably decided on some aspirations right?  Set some bold targets? Well that’s not enough.

You’ve got to set goals that are meaningful, optimistic, achievable but most of all you’ve got to drill down to things that you can actually do, not just an aspirational target that you probably won’t bother working on until you realise in 12 months you haven’t progressed at all.

In this 20th Tips for Lawyers podcast we look at:

  1. How to turn your aspirational targets into real goals
  2. How to break down your goals into manageable steps
  3. What the critical elements of a goal are for you to actually achieve them.

Take the example of a promotion.  Maybe you’ve decided this year that getting a promotion is on your list of things.  Promoted to associate, to partner, to something else?

Well that kind of target deserves some attention, so in this podcast I also look at an example goal of getting promoted, and consider how you should go about turning that into a real set of useful, actionable goals.

References in this Podcast:

  1. Article on Urgent versus Important
  2. Book on Waking Up earlier (affiliate link)

Happy Lawyering!