What are the Essentials of Legal Practice (and what are you doing about them)?

What are the Essentials of Legal Practice (and what are you doing about them)?
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What do you view as the essential elements of legal practice?

Well in this podcast I discuss what I see as the four main pillars of legal practice, with a preview for you of the Essentials Library.

The Essentials Library is a compilation of material that I’ve put together to take young lawyers through the fundamental aspects of their legal career.  It contains 6 webinars/audio sessions (of which today’s podcast contains the first only), 8 ebooks and a multipart email course to take you through the whole lot.

The library should be the first step of anyone visiting this site, as it will take you through old and new, and provide content through the audio/video sessions that simply isn’t available elsewhere on the site.

So what are the fundamental pillars?

Networking and Business Development

If you can’t get clients and generate business, you will remain an employee for the rest of your legal career.

Business Skills and Acumen

Knowing how firms make money and profit is essential to understanding how you can add value.

Communication Skills

It’s what we do, right?  You’ve got to say what you want, be heard the right way, and get the result you’re after.  If you can’t – you need more practice still.

Personal Professional Growth

This is where your opportunity to grow as a professional is, and it’s the thing you need to focus on all the time.  If you’re not growing, then you are stagnating.  Constant improvement is the key.

But What’s the Point?

All these things are great, but there’s an element missing.

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