Is Going Overseas Good for your Legal Career?

Is Going Overseas Good for your Legal Career?
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It’s the yearning of many young lawyer – to travel overseas, earn money, eat good food and generally explore the world while not going broke in the process.

But as we start to convince ourselves that overseas travel is a good idea, a few little white lies begin to creep in.

Sorting the truth from the lie can be difficult, because the spinning globe keeps us occupied, the salaries on offer, the exotic places to go.

There is a major factor that we need to consider in the longer term though, and that is this: is going overseas going to be good for my legal career, bad for it, or neutral.

In podcast episode 17 I explore the pros and cons of overseas travel, specifically so far as it relates to your legal career.


  • This was posted at probably the most perfect time for me, as I’m picking up my partner from the airport tonight for his “holiday” home. He was transferred to Canada last August with his job and his employer is eager for him to stay. Pending the processing of some visa applications, it looks like I’ll be making the move to Canada to be with him. It seems to be a bitter sweet idea. Bitter because I have finally been admitted after a decade of study and full time work, and I would really just love to enjoy the fruits of my intense labour. Sweet because it would be an amazing experience, and I would obviously prefer to be living in the same postcode as him! I guess the only thing that makes this feel worthwhile for me is the fact that it is potentially a permanent move. I do, however, hold grave concerns about what would happen to my career if we decided down the track to come back to Oz. If only we had that elusive crystal ball…

    • Hey there Hayley – sounds like you have quite an adventure ahead! At the end of the day I think any setback to your career (if you come back to Oz) is only temporary – and in the meantime you have the obvious positives at a personal level. After all, what’s the point of your legal career if your life outside the office is falling apart?

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