Are you Worthless In your Own Mind?

Are you Worthless In your Own Mind?
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One of the transitions that all young lawyers need to make after they start in the profession is to begin to understand their sense of worth.

In today’s podcast episode I explore how young lawyers can begin to appreciate their worth through three major areas of legal practice.

Attitude to Legal Practice

First I take a look at your attitude to legal practice as a whole.  What do you think about what you’re doing?  Do you appreciate where it fits in the overall scheme of the system?

What are you Contributing?

Understanding how your contribution affects the overall firm, your colleagues and, most importantly, your clients is a great way to understand how you fit in and where the value you create in the firm is actually delivered at the other end.

Do you Discount your Dollars?

What do you think about money?  Do you understand where your charge out rate comes from, and why it matters?  Self-discounting is a huge problem among lawyers, and traditionally it comes from fear and an inadequate understanding of how to provide value to clients.

So are you Worthless?

You’ll have to listen to find out.

Happy lawyering!

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