Perfectionism is Killing your Career

Perfectionism is Killing your Career
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Lawyers have an overarching problem.  We’re all fundamentally defective when it comes to our own ability to progress our careers.

The problem is fear of not being perfect.

You see, our training requires us to be so averse to something going wrong, that we ultimately end up paranoid with fear about doing anything at all.  So steps that should be taken are not.  Things that should be done are put to one side.  Projects that should be finalised are, in fact, left half done because we’re concerned that they are not 100% perfect.

There is, of course, a need to have quality output as a lawyer.

But time and time again I see perfectionism being an excuse for inactivity.  And we’re getting left behind as a result.

The world around, businesses are moving faster, stronger and better than law firms because lawyers are incapable of getting outside their perfectionist approach to running their businesses and their personal practices. We stay cocooned in our comfort zones, and ultimately fall behind as a result.

I say no.

Get up.  Do something.  Tweak as you go!

Happy Lawyering – take a risk today!

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