Ways to Do Well in a Job Interview

Ways to Do Well in a Job Interview
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In the ever increasing job market that’s not too favourable to young lawyers, we’re seeing a never ending string of clones applying for jobs.

Endless resumes full of identical grades, achievements and desires.

False promises about dedication to the field.

One trick ponies.

People who just happen to have volunteered only in law, worked only in law, and have no interests other than their passionate desire to do law and be a lawyer.

Guess what – we don’t believe you.

How are you going to distinguish yourself in a job interview?

If the firm has invited you in then you’re a long way ahead of many – are you really just going to try and blend in so much that you can’t be remembered from the other 50 interviews that they had in the week?

How can you do it, and what can you say to help yourself stand out from the crowd?

Listen to this week’s podcast to find out. Happy Lawyering!

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