The Podcast Begins!!!

The Podcast Begins!!!
Tips for Lawyers Podcast

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Tips for Lawyers Podcast Episode 1 – Show Notes



Yes, I’ve been talking about it for a while, but this is the first Tips for Lawyers podcast.  I hope you get something out of it – if you’re a long term reader, you might find you know a lot of the stuff in here, but please persevere and support this latest addition to the site.

Here’s what we deal with in this podcast episode:

  • What Tips for Lawyers podcast is about, and what you can expect going forward;
  • Why I’m not going to talk about black letter law very much on the podcast;
  • A little bit (and I mean a little) about my background – the brief story of Chris Hargreaves; and
  • How you can help us all out by contributing to the podcast process.

One minor correction – I mention in the podcast I graduated a little under a decade ago.  Well, in my old age I got a little befuddled there – I graduated over 10 years ago I’m afraid.

I hope you enjoy this latest addition to the site.  If you want me to keep it up, please:

  • Share it with people you know;
  • Subscribe to it in iTunes;
  • Leave a 5 star rating in iTunes for me.

Happy Lawyering!