What Lawyers Can Learn from Spock

Fear Not – you, too, can look like this!

In case you haven’t guessed this, I can be a bit of a nerd.

Which means that there was zero chance I was going to let the death of Leonard Nemoy pass by without some kind of tribute.  So this is it.

In my inimitable fashion, of course I’m turning everything into a lesson that lawyers can learn.

“But Spock was a fictitious character, Chris – we can’t learn from fiction!” – you’d be wrong.

“Change is the Essential Process of All Existence”

Attention lawyers: your years of education and training has been sufficient to entitle you to a piece of paper which lets you practice law.

That doesn’t mean you know everything.  In fact, what it means is that you have hit the point where you need to START learning things.

Remember – constant improvement and incremental change are the cornerstones of your professional growth.

Spock knew that – now you do too.

“Men Sometimes See Exactly What they Wish to See”

Put it another way: we don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as WE are.

If you believe your client is a liar, you will see lies.

If you believe your colleague is a dullard, then you will see foolishness.

But what if you see the world not in terms of the negative, but in terms of the positive.  How much more can you see the opportunities around you to promote growth, to encourage others, and to rise to challenges.

Change what you wish to see, and you will start seeing things differently.

 “Insufficient facts always invite danger”

Do not form views in ignorance.  Only once you know enough can you make a call.

Sure, we don’t need to chase down every lead, every question, every nuance – but we need to ensure that we are prudent in our assessment of who did what, what occurred when, and how we should react.

“Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them”

Ever logged on to Facebook “for a minute” and then woken up hours later from a Facebook induced trance?  What about twitter?  What about the time you’ve wasted trying to get your computer to do the thing you want, the way you want it?

Technology can be a massive black hole of time and lost productivity.  But it doesn’t have to be.

Just remember – tools are just tools.  They are not strategy, substance, or belief – they are a means to an end.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one”

You are important and valuable. But you are not everything, and your needs are not paramount.

If your sacrifice, whether through hours, hard work or “taking the hit” can achieve a greater outcome for more, then what is stopping you from that?

Pride, ego and self-promotion get in the way of true sacrifice.  If those are what we focus on then our careers will always be limited in accomplishment.

What are you favourite Spock Quotes?

Did I deliberately avoid a few famous Spock/Nemoy quotes?  Sure did.  That’s because I know you’ve got a favourite that you want to share – so bring it on 🙂

Happy (long and prosperous) Lawyering!

  • March 6, 2015 11.01pm

    Dear Chris,

    I enjoy you articles. I am not afraid to deal with spook or trolls. If my computer program play up I go to very well skilled IT close by. If they decide that not my computer program or not my skills, that not my fault. If I have to learn more I pay for private computer lesson and have fun learning. I do not get upset, I simply change what I am doing for something what give me a lot of satisfaction and as well great saving. I cook great dishes, do my own preserves, saw my own vegetable and flower and enjoy it. I dance, write poetry, do historical research and I do not have much time to be angry. I like learning and I do not need to be push to do it. When I save money I enjoy it and spend it for me or my family. Life is too short, so do what give you a pleasure and enjoy it. I wish you very good weekend.

    Many kinds regards,

    Alina Kondek-Tuchowska

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