Job Hunting – Wrap Up


The phrase “tough market” really isn’t equipped to deal with just how difficult it is to get a job as a lawyer or law graduate at the moment in Australia.

In fact, of the emails I have received from many of my readers over the last few months, getting a job is by far the most prevalent concern.

I really wish there was something I could do – some magic wand I could wave to try and help you all get good jobs in areas that you enjoy.  Unfortunately it’s obviously not that simple.  Getting a job is a complex and tangled web of interpersonal relationships, economics, university results and many other factors which can’t always be controlled.

There are some factors that can be controlled, however, and I’ve written about many of them on the site.

What I can do for those of you who haven’t been here when those articles were released is give you a bit of a wrap up of the articles I’ve put on the site so far that might help you in your job hunting.

Hopefully some of these might help you in your search for a graduate legal position, a clerkship or a job as a lawyer.

Best of luck in these turbulent times.

Happy lawyering (I hope)!