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Legal Practice

Work Life Balance – Do you Sleep in Your Office?

Work life balance can be one of those elusive concepts.  Everyone talks about it; law firms say that they have it - but very...

Be Nice to Rachelle

Are you lucky enough to have a personal assistant?  If so, do you think of yourself that way - lucky? My assistant's name is Rachelle,...

Lawyer – Still a Noble Profession?

Lawyers, by and large, cop a fair battering from media.  After all, media about lawyers ripping people off, betraying trust of their clients, acting...

13 Things Mentally Strong People Do

Turning your brain from don't to do can be a challenging but rewarding process. LifeHack posted an article a little while ago called "13 Things...

7 tips to combat stress

Stress at work or stress in the workplace can be debilitating on both personal and professional levels.  This article has some tips to help...

How to Catch an Egg without Breaking It

Knowing how to go about approaching your first legal file (or files) with a minimum of risk, especially if your first file is inherited, can be...

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