Moving Beyond Law School Theory

It's Time to Get Practical

About the Book

What is legal practice really about?

Is it a life of 20 hour days, of being "seen" in the office, of engaging in activities that brutalize your soul and sap your strength? What does life look like when you escape the safety of law school and step out into the real world of being a lawyer?

Thomas, a young lawyer, is about to find out first hand the answers to these questions. His mentor, Andrew, has a hard set of lessons that he thinks Thomas needs to learn as a lawyer, and he doesn't hold back with his advice. In Practice is a collection of letters from Andrew to Thomas in which he attempts to "set Thomas straight" in his career.

In Practice will get you thinking about your legal career. It will get you thinking about what really matters and what doesn't. It will get you thinking about what you want to spend your life doing, and what you don't.

In Practice will take you beyond law school theory.

Story, Not Textbook

If you're in legal practice, or about to be, then you've got enough textbooks in your life. Rather than laying out facts, figures and case citations for you all you have to do here is follow along a story and ask yourself one question along the way: what do I want out of my legal career?

Story, Not Textbook

You've got enough textbooks to read. How about you join me for a story instead?

Principles, Not Tactics

I can't tell you how to build a legal career. All I can do is to encourage you to ask the right questions.

Mentoring, Not Lecturing

Read word for word the mentoring that Thomas receives from his mentor, Uncle Andrew. 


What do Readers Say?

Absolutely fantastic book. Goes to the brutal truth about what private practice is like... This is a book one reads if they are serious about building a career in law. It can be read in one sitting and leave you feeling either completely satisfied and fulfilled and motivated or empty. This is my staple gift now for any friends getting admitted as a solicitor.

Amazon Customer

5 Stars

This is a great resource and whether you're new to legal practice or a seasoned practitioner, you'll find valuable and thought provoking insights from Uncle Andrew. I highly recommend this entertaining read to anyone looking for a realistic and relatable account of 'the right advice and lessons' that must be mastered to forge a stellar legal career. Take heed and then, go back and read between the lines! Witty and entertaining - 5 out of 5 Chris Hargreaves!

Amazon Customer

5 Stars

Learn a Little More

What's In Practice about, and why did I want to stay away from a traditional text book approach? Learn more in this video.

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Where can I buy In Practice?

Is this a textbook? Because I hate textbooks...

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