It’s a Wrap – The 10 Best Tips for Lawyers in 2016

2016 has been a massive year. Given the date, you’re going to now see all the blogs around the world to start writing a few different types of articles:

  1. “what I learned in 2016”
  2. “the top X (movies, articles, decisions, people, events, youtube videos or whatever) of 2016”
  3. how to make the most out of 2017

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This one is the second category (although I’m not saying I won’t do the others too!) – the best performing articles at Tips for Lawyers for 2016.

So if you’ve been sleeping through the year but remain a reader, then here’s a wrap up of the best articles for lawyers for you to cycle through everything that you missed.

The Top Videos for Lawyers

Technically these aren’t articles, but before we get into the articles themselves you might want to watch (or rewatch) these top two videos from both ends of the spectrum.

The Inspiring Video

The Depressing Video

#10 – Are Lawyers Noble?

I first wrote this article some years ago, prompted by whatever local bashing of lawyers was taking place at the time.

More recently, we have become slightly less despised by the world at large, but in general people still view lawyers with skepticism and mistrust.

It remains a sad state of affairs for the legal profession, but it’s not a hopeless one.

What do you think: is being a lawyer still a noble profession?

#9 – 5 Essential Habits for Young Lawyers

If you’re going to practice then you need to:

  1. shed some habits that university has mistakenly taught you; and
  2. build some new habits that will help you excel in practice.

This article sets out 5 of the best habits that you can focus on early in your legal career.

#8 – The Immorality of Lawyers

Ironically, paired up with my article about law being a noble profession is this: some tricks and traps that many lawyers fall into which are, in essence, immoral.

So if you want to stay above the blurry line, I strongly suggest that you read this article and avoid these 7 things lawyers do which are totally immoral.

#7 – Unlearning what University has Taught You

For all you learned at law school that was useful, there was a bunch of stuff you learned which was a complete waste of time or, worse, actually damaging to your prospects of developing a successful career.

So let’s hone in on the worst offenders and get you back on the right track by killing of some of the bad habits that you learned at law school.

#6 – Lost a Court Case? Me Too…

We all lose cases sometimes – in fact, around 50% of people lose every litigious decision (duh).

How are you going to feel, what’s going to happen next? Find out in this article about losing a court case.

#5 – Examples of Legalese

This is googled surprisingly often – it turns out people want to know a lot about legalese, and this article helps set you on the right path with a brief example of legalese that you can take to the bank.

#4 – An Open Letter – Senior Lawyers are Ruining the Profession

In response to a letter from a senior lawyer telling young junior lawyers about everything that’s wrong with them, I thought I would respond in kind with an open letter to the senior members of the profession – I called it “You’re Ruining the Profession“.

They took it pretty well.

#3 – Time to Start Dictating

I know, I know – you think you can type really fast and that means you shouldn’t have to dictate.

You’re wrong.

Once you realise that, it’s time to learn how to dictate properly, which you can do here with my comprehensive guide to dictation.

#2 – Need to Avoid Doing Something? Here are some Excuses for You

Got an important job that you know you should be doing but don’t really want to? No problem, because in this article I have set out 23 purpose made excuses to help you convince yourself and others that you can’t really be doing that thing anyway.

#1 – Legal Drafting Guide

By a significant margin, the top viewed article this year has been my Ultimate Guide to Legal Drafting. I wrote it a few years ago, but it remains the top viewed article over all of that time.

Not surprisingly it’s a fairly long article.

But within that, if you want a key primer in all of the essential elements of good legal drafting, then you should check out the ultimate guide to legal drafting today.

What’s your Favourite?

Did you have a favourite topic this year? What was your favourite article (whether I’ve listed it above or not).

Happy Lawyering, now and into 2017!