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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Chris Hargreaves


7 tips to combat stress

Stress at work or stress in the workplace can be debilitating on both personal and professional levels.  This article has some tips to help...

How to Catch an Egg without Breaking It

Knowing how to go about approaching your first legal file (or files) with a minimum of risk, especially if your first file is inherited, can be...

Legal Drafting – The Ultimate Guide to Writing like a Lawyer

Why is legal writing so hard?  For anybody who is not a lawyer and doesn't have to do legal drafting, you'll just have to trust...

Marketing for Lawyers – Beginnings

Let's face it - marketing for lawyers is a nightmare.  Most lawyers hate marketing, but all of them acknowledge its necessity.  Whether you call...

Legal Recruitment – Getting a Job as a Lawyer

All things point to the fact that the current legal recruitment market is absolute rubbish.  The question of how to get a job as...

Should I become a Lawyer?

I remember as a high school student pondering what I should do in my future.  For a long time I was headed towards an...

Marketing for Lawyers – Not about You!

Marketing for lawyers, in particular young lawyers, can be the introduction to a nightmare of epic proportions.  Basically all lawyers acknowledge the necessity of...

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