About Tips for Lawyers

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, then you’re in the right place:

  • How can I enjoy my legal career more?
  • OK I’m a lawyer – what do I do now to succeed in my career?
  • What do I need to do to improve my legal skills?
  • How can I excel in my legal career?
  • Being a lawyer isn’t what I expected – what’s gone wrong?

I started Tips for Lawyers to help lawyers with these and the myriad of other issues that we face during our legal careers.

So what’s next?

That’s the question most young lawyers ask themselves at some point after they start in legal practice.

Unfortunately, the Legal Profession is not well geared towards answering that question.

Instead, young lawyers find themselves thrown into the ebb and flow of daily practice, without much of an opportunity to stand back and really think: what do I need to succeed in this career?

The Goals Are No Longer Obvious

For years throughout your education and training the end results have been obvious – finish study, finish training, get admitted as a lawyer.

But then you complete those tasks, and all of a sudden the future becomes more blurry.  Become a partner?  Get promoted?  Start a firm?  These might be the big picture aspirations, but what are you going to do NOW?

What are the skills you don’t have but need?  How can you advance in your career a little bit each day, or even in leaps and bounds?  How do you write a letter, develop client relationships, and start bringing in work to your firm?

These are the questions all young lawyers have at some point, and they are what I created Tips for Lawyers to provide solutions to.

Get The Tools you Need

Tips for Lawyers provides articles on personal professional growth, communication skills, day to day practice issues, business knowledge and marketing skills.

Basically, this site is to take your knowledge of the law and help you apply it to your practice through development of legal skills.

The legal profession is not just about knowing the law – it’s about being a better lawyer.

To be the best practitioner you can be, you need to improve in all areas of legal skill, not just knowledge of the law.

My articles are read by thousands of people every month, each of whom is trying to build up their professional persona into a successful career in law just like you. Do you want to:

  • Improve your professional skills?
  • Learn about legal marketing, communication, legal practice skills, and management?
  • Become a better lawyer through training up your legal skills, rather than just soaking up law?
  • Actually enjoy your legal career?

If so, then this site is for you

Who am I, exactly?

My name is Chris Hargreaves, and I created this website to help professionals take their legal knowledge, add some legal skills, and turn that into a fantastic legal career. As with most people, I’m more than just a professional profile – I have different interests and passions, so this is a quick summary.

I am a lawyer in Queensland, Australia. I have one published e-book called “Look Before you Leap – A Guide for Aspiring Lawyers” in which I try to give students and recent graduates a real world look at some of the ins and outs of legal practice.

In addition to the book, however, I am committed to producing useful articles for distribution to professionals worldwide to help understand and deal with the mental and practical challenges within their careers. Hopefully my articles here will assist or encourage people to get the personal and professional skills necessary to succeed in their lives and careers. More books for young lawyers are underway, which will be designed for lawyers with more experience, to let them start growing in their sense of management, business development and client relationship.

I am an experienced public speaker.  I have given a range of seminars on black letter legal topics through to more pragmatic legal skills such as mediation, business development, client relationships, productivity and persuasion.

Investing in the “next generation” of professionals is a big part of my life. Giving my time and energy to those who are going to come after me provides a fulfilling outlet for my experiences so far.  I like to think that I’m old enough to offer a bit of wisdom, but young enough to remember the perspective I had as a young lawyer, and to use that combination to help out as best I can.

That All Sounds Great – What’s Next?

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then you can start by grabbing my free legal drafting guide (the form’s just below this page).

Take your skills to the next level.

And keep up with the articles as they hit your email.

Happy Lawyering!