The 5 Stand Out Articles from 2014

Some Articles Just Stood Out
Some Articles Just Stood Out

Like many people, at the end of each year I take a look at what was good, bad and ugly in the preceding 12 months.

This year I’ve got more work cut out for me, because I’m also trying to evaluate what worked and what didn’t in my plethora of subjects that I touched at Tips for Lawyers.

With that project, however, comes some great insight, among which is an idea of which articles got the most feedback, interaction or enjoyment from all my valued readers (that’s you).

Today I thought I’d share the top 5 posts from 2014 – if you missed any, be sure to check them out.

Are you a Real Lawyer, or a Pretender?

This was by a significant margin the most popular post of the year.  A 10 point checklist designed to see if you’re really on track to be an authentic, effective lawyer – or whether you’re just playing at being a lawyer by putting on the facade of a professional.

How did you score?

3 Ways to Ruin your Legal Career

There are some paths guaranteed to stuff up your legal career, sometimes permanently.

Although 3 seems like a short list, there are critical things to avoid if you want to stay on the right path towards a successful legal career.

Why Lawyers Hate their Jobs, and Why you Don’t Have to

It’s interesting – of all the topics that I’ve written about, this seems to be the one most caught by Google in the search results.

Which has me wondering – just how many of you loathe your legal careers?  If you’re telling yourself “I hate being a lawyer” more than a few times, then this article is for you.

How to Infuriate a Judge in 4 Easy Steps

The litigators among you will know that keeping the judge on side is frequently a better idea than not.

However, a lot of unprepared young lawyers don’t seem to understand just what will be annoying, and what won’t.

Before your next Court appearance, take some guidance from this article and realise what of your habits are doing you no favours.

5 Habits All Young Lawyers Need to Develop

Yes it’s another list post (people complain that everything looks like “buzzfeed” these days – but there’s a reason for it).

There are some critical habits that young lawyers need to have if they are going to get past the drawing board when it comes to their careers.  Here I touch on 5 of the most essential habits that you need to have.

Onwards and Upwards

Even just writing this post has given me a dozen fantastic article ideas that should resonate with you guys really well.

That said – if you want anything specific, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know.

Happy Lawyering!