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Thursday, June 30, 2022
We live in a world of loud opinions right at the moment (yep - says the bloke who runs a blog). But not all opinions are created equal. Some,...

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How Much Should Lawyers Try To Influence Their Clients?

I'm reading a lot recently about how the role of a lawyer has gone beyond legal services and moved into the realm of "how...

Enough with the Definitions Already

Ok lawyers, listen up: I know you love defining things, but it's all getting out of hand. Somewhere in our quest for clarity, a few...

The Glory of the Acknowledgment Email

Today I'm going to teach you one of the most important and un-taught skills of a lawyer who actually cares about their clients: the...

Instead of Career Goals…

Here we are again - the start of a new year. More likely than not, a bunch of people are about to set a bunch...

Should you Just Phone Your Opponent?

Ah yes, the great joy of the litigator: writing unbelievably long-winded letters back and forth for months to set out why your client is...

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Why Aren’t Firms Seeing Returns from Social Media?

Yeah you heard me - MOST law firms aren't seen any return on investment from social media. And there are some key reasons why that is the case, so...

Sorry – What You’re Doing isn’t Really Marketing…

A lot of lawyers spend a huge amount of time writing articles.. and tell themselves that they have been "marketing". But is that really...

How to Recommend Someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool. The power of LinkedIn is through its ability to connect you with people and engage with them. One fantastic...

3 Things Lawyers Must Fix on their Linkedin Profiles

https://youtu.be/cUKZQQVsnWE LinkedIn Profiles for Lawyers I wanted to talk about your LinkedIn profile and in particular, three common mistakes that lawyers make with their LinkedIn profiles. Frankly, I'm...

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